FAQ - Digital Business Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for me?

Everyone can benefit from Digital Business Card no matter the size of the company. Impress clients with a stylish and professional business card with our easy to use interface.

What devices will my card work on?

Card link is independent of any device or platform and easily accessible anywhere.

How do I share my Card? Do others need the app?

Your clients don’t need the App to receive your Digital Business Cards. Once you have created a card the app allows you to easily share your Cards with clients through SMS, Whatsapp, QR Codes, URL links and more.

What languages are available?

The app offers a choice of  multiple languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese or French.

How do you add a logo or backgrounds to cards?

You can learn how to add a logo and background to cards by following this link

Adding Backgrounds is not an option available on the Starter plan. Applying Logos to cards is an option available to Starter Accounts.

What is the difference between Premium, Advanced and Enterprise plans?

The Premium Plan offers an expanded range of customisation options and allows for sharing across more platforms such as social media accounts. All users will receive a free month trial of this plan. We recommend this plan for individual use, small company business owners and job seekers.

The Advanced Plan allows you to save up to 10 cards on the one account which can be accessed by staff member for a consistent card design and brand image. Users are also given an exclusive app which is optimized for counter-top use, allowing for customers to input their details to receive a Digital Business Card making things easier on staff. We recommend this plan for SMEs and for corporate use.

The Enterprise Plan allows you to save more than 10 cards on the one account which can be accessed by staff members for a consistent card design and brand image. Users can fully customise all options such as font, layout or card color. It also given an option to link product catalogue and video, allowing customers to have all business details in one place. We recommend this plan for growing companies and large enterprises.

For further details, see the plans are detailedhere

How are payments handled?

The Premium Plan is paid either monthly or annually. The Advanced and Enterprise Plans are paid annually.

What happens when a plan expires?

If your plan expires, your account will be automatically get deactivated. We will delete all of your information after 90 days of plan expiry.

How do I delete a card from my account?

Pressing and holding on any card will display options you can take. The option to delete the card will be displayed. Selecting this “Delete option” will delete this card.

How do I deactivate an account?

When you go to your settings in the app you will find an option to delete your account or contact  us.

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