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Digital Business Cards NFC technology makes it even easier to connect with clients.

Carry your Digital Business Card just like you would a traditional paper card, but with the added benefit of putting all of your contact details directly in the client’s device. Simply tap your card to their phone to send clients directly to your online business card.

How does it work?
NFC Digital business cards are embedded with an NFC chip which, when scanned, sends a notification to your client’s phone with a link to your online business card. When the client taps on the notification, their browser will open to reveal your online business card. The client will then have your company profile with all of your contact details, including your business location and social media links to hand making it easier than ever to connect.
What does it look like?
NFC Digital Business Cards are the same size as a bank card and will easily fit in your wallet. Create lasting impressions with Digital Business Cards’ smart, glossy finish printed with your company name and logo.
Does it work on every phone?
Most smartphones are NFC-enabled. You may need to turn on NFC in your phone settings before tapping Digital Business Cards.
Why choose Digital Business Cards?
Digital Business Cards are environmentally and economically friendly by cutting out the need to print hundreds of paper cards. Seamlessly change details such as phone numbers and addresses without the need to reprint. Customers will be impressed by the newest contactless technology which puts your contact details in the palm of their hand making connection easier than ever before.

Prices start from €49.99 per year

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