What is NFC technology?

Near-Field Communication (NFC) allows short-field wireless communication between two electronic devices, such as an NFC tag and a smartphone. NFC Digital Business Cards contain a tag capable of sharing all of your contact information to a client’s phone in just one tap. All you need to do is bring the two devices within 4 centimetres of each other and a notification is activated within the smartphone. NFC tags are not limited to Business Cards alone, they are also available as a handy key fob so you’ll never be caught short when you meet a potential client.

How do NFC Cards work?

Create and edit your Digital Business Card via our app or online so that your contact information is always up to date. This eradicates the need to reprint hundreds of business cards to fix mistakes or make changes. In addition to the usual contact details and location, Digital Business Cards allow you to share all of your social media handles. Add your business’ images, logos, description, and video to give a snapshot of your company’s identity and really capture the client’s attention. Once your Digital Business Card is ready, purchase an NFC Digital Business Card or Key Fob and you’re ready to start sharing your details with customers in an instant.

What makes NFC Cards better than traditional business cards?

Traditional paper business cards can be costly, especially when you consider the likelihood of mistakes or changes to your details. Not only is reprinting expensive, but it’s also damaging to the environment. Furthermore, up to 80% of customers discard business cards received within one week. Digital Business Cards put your contact details in your client’s hands. When they need a service like yours, you’re just a click away. After all, staying in contact with a potential client increases your chances at making a sale.

The bottom line.

NFC Digital Business Cards go one step further. There is no need for your client to have the Digital Business Card app. You don’t even need to have your phone with you, or for it to be charged. Simply purchase an NFC card or NFC keyfob and bring it everywhere with you. Turn chance-meets into leads, and then into conversions by making it easier for the client to contact you over your competitors. Last but not least, NFC cards are trendy. They create a lasting impression with your clients. They use cutting-edge technology to wow your customers and to represent your business as modern and trustworthy.

Order your NFC Card now to get started.