Business cards are some of the simplest ways to get your details to a potential client or employer. It has everything they need in a compact form and even allows for some design elements to help the card stand out. A very useful tool in the hand of any business but as times change and technology advances it becomes clear that some of the tools of the past need to change with them. Business cards are great but they have the inherent downsides of being physical items, subject to damage, misprinting and cost to make more or even to adjust the tiniest design element. Business cards need to take a step forward into the future, and the future is digital.

There are countless techniques and tricks that have been developed by graphic artists over the years to make cards stand out but all that effort doesn’t help much if a card is lost in a pocket to one day meet a watery grave in a laundry machine accidentally. Digital cards bypass this problem by connecting to employers and clients on the one device it’s near guaranteed they will have near them the majority of they days. Their phones. It reduces the chance of them losing the card to near nil and allows for easy sharing, whether that be with one person or a hundred. The various techniques mentioned before? Much easier to test and iterate through designs before settling on the ideal one when designs can be changed without having to pay reprinting costs and having to deal with the question of what to do with the remaining older card designs.

The ease of sharing and design alteration give digital cards a huge advantage. But besides that in the current environment and world, there is an increasing focus on remote work. Working from home, from across the ocean, in different towns or countries. The internet has shrunk these massive distances and allows people to work together in safety. Digital business cards are an expansion on this idea. Contactless communication, all in a simple package.

Digital Business Cards is an app allows for the easy creation and sharing of business cards with any number of people. The free version allows the user to make and send any number of cards with a generous range of customization options and styles. It’s a good way to test the waters and make an impression on potential employers or clients.

But there are different plans on offers for users who want an expanded range of customization options or businesses with many employees who would benefit from using the app when dealing with potential clients. There is the premium plan with its range of options, brand styles and easy sharing of cards with all platforms or the advanced plan which allows a business to let its employees to access the company account and to all benefit from all the perks with one neat bundle along with contact with the support staff as needed.

Digital Business Cards can be downloaded and used for free by anyone here: