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How to Make an Effective Digital Business Card Design?

by Digital Business Cards • August 7, 2022

The difference between a paper business card and a digital business card is that the latter can contain more information. Besides that, eBusiness cards still need to look professional and tidy to make a first good impression. What to incorporate and how to demonstrate it are all key parts of building a digital business. There […]

How Do Customer behaviour Change Business Strategies?

by Digital Business Cards • June 5, 2022

As a part of the market research, the companies shall invest a lot in understanding consumer behaviour. This becomes the pivot for any product or service-based decisions on the companies to build their objectives on. As such, these researches happen regularly and any amendment to the newly conceived product also happens from time to time. […]

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New Normal Trends in Business That You Must Adapt Soon

by Digital Business Cards • May 15, 2022

The 24-plus months of pandemic effect have left the business world to look for new ways to sustain itself in the market. There were many businesses in many sectors that were shut down during this period. The irrecoverable loss has made the business owners take this call of discontinuing their services. At the same time, […]

Digital Business Cards – The smart green solution for your business

by Digital Business Cards • April 24, 2022

Digital Business Cards are revolutionizing the business industry with their smart green card. In today’s fast-paced world, access all of your information with just one tap. Digital Business Cards are unique because they are fully customizable. Choose your text and background colors, upload your photograph or business logo or choose from the easy-to-use templates to […]

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Why large businesses are making the switch to Digital Business Cards

by Digital Business Cards • March 3, 2022

Traditional business cards printed on paper are undoubtedly effective. You meet a contact, shake hands and hand over your details in a convenient card for follow-up. However, did you know that 88% of business cards are thrown away after a number of days? All of the time, effort and money spent on creating the perfect […]

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How Can Digital Business Cards Help Improve Business Performance?

by Digital Business Cards • February 17, 2022

With many strategies being developed to enhance business prospects, organizations are looking for cost-effective methods to implement the same. In fact, the disaster recovery plans devised by most organizations have helped them sustain themselves in business. However, the magnitude of development differs from company to company. The main aspect that governs the difference in development […]

Massive Impact of Digital Transformation On Business

by Digital Business Cards • January 6, 2022

With the advent of new-age business functionality, organisations have increased the use of digital platforms for different transactions. Be it financial or operational, the use of online platforms has seen a surge in recent times. In fact, the teams have started using online portals and mobile applications for more enhanced services. Yes, people did not […]

Will Digital Business Cards Support The Current Businesses?

by Digital Business Cards • January 1, 2022

Why not? In fact, the concept of digital business cards is a new one. The trending digital transformation has not spared the paper-based visiting cards too. With growing demands in the business, the organizations are exploring cost-effective options to market their product or the service too. The Digital Business Card QR Code is identified as […]

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Create a Strong Online Presence to Convert Massive Leads

by Digital Business Cards • December 18, 2021

Business enhancement requires a strong online presence. With the current trend moving towards the digital world, you as a business owner or an individual contributor must look for ways to develop an incredible digital presence. Having said that, many web development companies can get this done for you. At the same time, selecting the best […]

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Why Business Cards are still necessary for B2B

by Digital Business Cards • November 28, 2021

In this digital age, traditional paper business cards may seem redundant. However, in B2B business, business cards are still very much relevant for making connections and deals. Think of them as a reminder of your encounter. While paper business cards are indeed quick and easy to hand out, they are certainly not environmentally friendly. Not […]