In this digital age, traditional paper business cards may seem redundant. However, in B2B business, business cards are still very much relevant for making connections and deals. Think of them as a reminder of your encounter. While paper business cards are indeed quick and easy to hand out, they are certainly not environmentally friendly. Not to mention the impact of the coronavirus on face-to-face meetings making contactless business essential. For these reasons and more, digital business cards are an essential component of B2B business.

The right choice – Environmentally and economically

Digital business cards are not only environmentally-friendly, allowing you to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. They are also economical for B2B businesses as they don’t involve the printing costs that paper business cards do. This is particularly relevant for when details need to be updated, as there is no need to reprint. Digital Business Cards are much more flexible and can be updated with contact details, website, or location with the click of a button. Furthermore, save clients the hassle of having to type in your website or email address, phone number, or gps location – instead they simply need to click the relevant button on your digital business card to get in contact. This makes it easier and more attractive for your client to get in touch following a meeting or agreement.

Ease of distribution

Business, like everything else in the digital age, has become instant and the window of opportunity to make an impact is reducing. Therefore, businesses must consider how best to make a lasting impression quickly. While paper business cards do come with the advantage of not needing a device, application, or internet connection to hand over, digital business cards are always accessible as you likely carry your phone everywhere. Furthermore, many digital business cards offer a wide choice of distribution options such as email, Whatsapp and QR code making it unnecessary for the receiver to install the application – unless they want to of course. This is particularly important during the coronavirus pandemic as B2B business has gone virtual. Digital business cards can be shared over online meetings, networking events, on social networking websites, or as your email signature.

Boost your business’ online presence

Online marketing has grown in recent years for B2B business. As a result of both globalisation and the coronavirus, business is expanding outside of face-to-face meetings and worldwide. Digital business cards offer B2B businesses the opportunity to distribute their details anywhere in the world in an instant. Your brand’s image is also boosted as digital business cards look slick, and clients enjoy the experience of receiving all of your details in an instant.