Technology never stops improving and it’s one of the challenges a modern business faces to adapt to the times and to work out new ways to reach their clients. In this regard learning from the past can be helpful. Normal Cardboard cards were a good basic tactic for physical advertisement but they can be damaged, the contact details can be misprinted, the card design can’t be easily changed and getting rid of the card doesn’t recoup the cost. The solution here is to move with the times, it’s time to go Digital Business Card Online.

The one item that it can be expected for the majority of the world population to have with them at all times is their mobile phones, this fact is invaluable to companies trying to reach clients. Physical cards can be easily lost or forgotten but details on a phone are not so easily lost in someone’s pocket to be destroyed in a washing machine. The issue is how to get your business details from you to your client’s phones in a neat and stylish fashion that’s easily scalable.

The answer is Digital Business cards, this app offer easy to use tools. Letting you edit, recolour and design your ideal card. Easily add your details, your number, your email and website.No issues with costly reprinting if a mistake is made and design changes can be easily implemented. Then share them easily with your potential clients or employers. Using their phone number they’ll get your card within seconds and you’ll know that is one card that won’t be lost at the bottom of someone’s bag never to be seen or thought about again.

The solution is Digital e-Business Cards, this app offers some of the best design tools, styles, templates and customization offers to quickly make, edit and design your ideal card. Easily change details, fix mistakes and iterate through your designs until you find the best one to fit your company’s themes. Then with a touch of a button share it with one client, ten, a hundred! Post it to a media platform to be seen by possibly uncountable numbers of people. Without the limitations of physical media it’s just as much work to send a card to an entire list of people as it is to send it to one allowing a far greater reach of clients for your company. Digital Business Cards is a great way to design, create and share cards across almost all major media platforms, along with being free to use for anyone to test it’s features.

Digital Business Cards can be downloaded and used for free by anyone here:

But for those looking for a wider range of customization options, the Advanced and Premium plans will offer what you need. Share across multiple platforms, expanded customization options and allow your employees access to the company’s account when drawing in new clients.