Contrasting Colours!

Bold colours are striking and draw people’s eyes immediately. Black on white, purple on yellow and so on. The high contrast between the two colours makes it major point of focus for people’s eyes. You can take advantage of this by using bold colours in your logo and areas you want people to focus on such as a contact number. People’s eyes will move to these points first and are much more likely to be retained as they take in your design.

Text Positioning!

Writing all your information in a block of text is both hard to parse out individual pieces of information and makes it more likely for people’s eyes to gloss over the entire block.

This “Contact Number: 012 3456789. Name: Company Name, Address: Building 1, Street 2, City Three”

Is much less readable than this

Name: Company Name
Contact Number: 012 3456789
Address: Building 1, Street 2, City Three.

The key two things to keep in mind is quantity and grouping. People are more likely to remember and recall information later if it’s given to them in small bits at a time. It’s a simple thing to help get right too. Moving information onto new lines keeps each line as a single piece of information to remember and the others lines are all individually given their own focus. The other trick is grouping, keeping information associated with each other near each other on a design. This allows people to intuitively understand that all the information in one section is related and to be used together later. An example would be the contact details for a company such as its number and address. Another might be its pricing model and discount offers. The easier it is to remember all the details on a card the more effective it will be.

Keep it Short and Sweet!

A card has very little room for a lot of text and it does in fact benefit from having as little text as possible so more focus is put on what is actually there. The company’s name, logo and details are enough for most card and its strong standard for a reason. Some adjustments can be made for mottos and simple pricing models but in the broadest sense keeping the word count to the lowest number is a great way to keep thing moving and focused for the user.

How to use these tips!

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