Digital Business Card. Save money and draw in clients!

As technology progresses faster and faster it’s become clear that to keep your company fresh in the minds of clients you’ll need to adapt with the times. Paper cards can’t be changed easily if there’s a misprint, getting rid of them doesn’t get back their cost and they can easily be damaged beyond readability. The solution to these problems is to go Digital.

75% of the world’s population has access to their mobile phone at all times throughout the day. It is the device they have with them at all times and is the best way to keep your company’s details in a place that they won’t be forgotten. But getting your details to your client can be the issue, how would you send all your details in a compact yet legible and attractive fashion?

The answer is Digital Business cards, this app offer easy to use tools. Letting you edit, recolour and design your ideal card. Easily add your details, your number, your email and website.No issues with costly reprinting if a mistake is made and design changes can be easily implemented. Then share them easily with your potential clients or employers. Using their phone number they’ll get your card within seconds and you’ll know that is one card that won’t be lost at the bottom of someone’s bag never to be seen or thought about again.

Digital Business Cards can be downloaded and used for free by anyone here:

But for those looking for more tools and features, the Advanced and Premium plans will offer what you need. Share across multiple platforms, expanded customization options and allow your employees access to the company’s account when drawing in new clients.