From London to New York to India, people all across the globe are now switching from paper business cards to Share Digital Business Card. And let us be honest, it is actually high time that we get along with the changing dynamics of the world. In order to survive we have to adopt the changes that takes place every minute or else we will lack behind. 

In order to own a Digital Business Card, all you need a platform, now it can be your phones, your laptop or your desktop computers. These Share Digital Business Card can be accessed through any of these platforms without any hassle. The Digital business card offered by are available on both androids as well as iOS operators. Thus making it even more easy for the general public to get into contact with someone who is sitting in another corner of the world. 

Due to the impact of the Corona Virus, the entire world was forced to get locked inside their houses and stay put. There were no business meetings possible, one could not go around generating new leads or even a way to keep the information safe. This was the time when the world realised the true importance of the Digital Business Cards. With these Digital Business Cards, you don’t have to worry about actually going out and handing over your information, or worry about whether your information is safe or not as well as keep the information of others safe as well. With a single click you can not only share your information but also receive information and make sure that it safely stored. Unlike the paper based business cards, the Digital Business Cards offered by gives you an option to store various information of a single card. From your name, occupation, phone number, address to your website URL, email address, social media accounts as well as QR Code. The added advantage of using a Digital Business Card is that it helps in making sure that your information is safe and sound. Usually people tend to either lose the paper based business cards or they forget where they have kept it. But these Share Digital Business Card directly get linked to the contact making sure that your information remains safe and does not get misplaced. It also informs you in case your information is shared with a third party helping you generate new leads and expanding your business. On top of that all of this is possible while you sit in the comfort of your room.