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Top Ways to Boost Sales Under the Pandemic Situation

by Digital Business Cards • January 13, 2022

There is an imminent need to improve sales to increase the revenue margin. With the effect of the pandemic giving a glum business for the past 700 days, your organization must look for effective ways to boost sales. Incidentally, your competitors are planning to do the same. The price factor of a similar product or […]

Massive Impact of Digital Transformation On Business

by Digital Business Cards • January 6, 2022

With the advent of new-age business functionality, organisations have increased the use of digital platforms for different transactions. Be it financial or operational, the use of online platforms has seen a surge in recent times. In fact, the teams have started using online portals and mobile applications for more enhanced services. Yes, people did not […]

Will Digital Business Cards Support The Current Businesses?

by Digital Business Cards • January 1, 2022

Why not? In fact, the concept of digital business cards is a new one. The trending digital transformation has not spared the paper-based visiting cards too. With growing demands in the business, the organizations are exploring cost-effective options to market their product or the service too. The Digital Business Card QR Code is identified as […]

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Create a Strong Online Presence to Convert Massive Leads

by Digital Business Cards • December 18, 2021

Business enhancement requires a strong online presence. With the current trend moving towards the digital world, you as a business owner or an individual contributor must look for ways to develop an incredible digital presence. Having said that, many web development companies can get this done for you. At the same time, selecting the best […]

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Why Business Cards are still necessary for B2B

by Digital Business Cards • November 28, 2021

In this digital age, traditional paper business cards may seem redundant. However, in B2B business, business cards are still very much relevant for making connections and deals. Think of them as a reminder of your encounter. While paper business cards are indeed quick and easy to hand out, they are certainly not environmentally friendly. Not […]

Top Visiting Card Problems that a Digital Business Card Can Solve in Quick Time

by Digital Business Cards • November 2, 2021

Traditional methods to market your product or service is slowly getting outdated. With marketing campaigns happening online these days, most of the prospective clients are also met online. With the world inclining to the digital mode in most aspects, transitioning from a physical visiting card to a digital business card is on the rise. Though […]

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Why is Digital Business Cards Preferred in Recent times?

by Digital Business Cards • October 21, 2021

Marketing in business is one of the significant tasks that you need to focus on to develop your brand image and thereby the revenue margin. Of course, traditional marketing methods, involve you carrying a visiting card and also a brochure or a catalog about the product or service. You will be handing over the relevant […]

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What are the reasons to start using a Digital Business Card?

by Digital Business Cards • September 30, 2021

These days everyone everywhere is using Digital Business Cards. People have switched from their usual paper-based business cards to Digital Business cards after understanding that they possess so many advantages that they will simply be missing them if they do not switch. Moreover, the entire world is now using Digital Business Cards, and if you […]

Why every freelancer needs a Digital Business Card?

by Digital Business Cards • September 23, 2021

A Digital Business Card, also commonly called a virtual or electronic card, serves the same purpose as paper business cards. The only difference is that they are eco-friendlier and cost-effective. You can add any information that you like, for example: Your name Profession Your Company’s name Mobile number Email address Your photo or video Social […]

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Should you put a QR code on your Digital Business Card?

by Digital Business Cards • August 24, 2021

When only 10% of business cards are surviving in the market, you need to consider different and innovative ways to make your Digital Business Card a part of the rat race. One such feature to add to your Digital Business Card is QR Code. The purpose of adding QR codes to your Digital Business Card […]