Digital Business Cards are revolutionizing the business industry with their smart green card. In today’s fast-paced world, access all of your information with just one tap.

Digital Business Cards are unique because they are fully customizable. Choose your text and background colors, upload your photograph or business logo or choose from the easy-to-use templates to make it your own. Bring your business into the digital era by adding all of your contact details, website, location, and social media handles. A digital smart card that allows clients to find you on a map, call or email you with just the tap of a button meaning that your contact details are always at your client’s fingertips. Digital Business Cards are accessible on any device with an internet connection meaning your client can find you anywhere, anytime. Boost your connections and your sales instantly.

Digital Business Cards are also eco-friendly, distinguishing them from traditional paper business cards. Did you know most 90% of regular business cards are thrown away in less than one week? That’s bad news, not only for you and your pocket but also for the environment. By joining Digital Business Cards Enterprise, you are doing your part for the planet. Go green by making small and simple initiatives like this which help to save trees, not to mention money.

Digital Business Cards are inexpensive, saving you the cost of printing and re-printing paper business cards. Think about a time when you made a small change to your contact details – perhaps a change of address, a new website or adding a new staff member. Previously, this meant reprinting hundreds of expensive business cards. With Digital Business Cards, it couldn’t be easier to make quick changes to your card. Not only does it save trees and money by eliminating the need to reprint cards, but your client will also be updated immediately without the need to replace their card.

Furthermore, Digital Business Cards are also contactless keeping you and your clients safe. Now that’s a smart green solution.