The current situation has affected how we do business on a grand scale. No matter what your business is, it’s likely that it has been touched in some way by Covid-19 and social distancing. You may even be experiencing losses.

However, just as your day-to-day operations have been adapted to comply with the various restrictions in place, adaptation is the answer to keeping afloat and thriving during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

Just take the food industry for example. Many Restaurants and Hotels have quickly adapted to stay in business throughout the coronavirus crisis. Answer the needs of customers, many have developed takeaway and delivery menus so that customers can enjoy their food in the safety of their own home.

Many retail businesses have acted similarly by closing their doors but continuing to offer online orders. A recent analysis of debit card spending has shown that while overall spending is down, there has been an increase in retail spending online meaning retail businesses are also adapting to meet the needs of the customer.

If you are not already using online and digital platforms to enhance your business, now is certainly the time. Not only can online marketing be done easily and safely from home throughout the current crisis, it  can  mean huge growth for your business too. For example, since 2016, the Independent Newspaper is digital-only. This was in response to seeing its monthly audience grow 33.3% over the period of one year to almost 70 million readers globally, all thanks to going digital.

Perhaps you already have an online presence but are struggling to connect with your customers during social distancing. Recent reports suggest that social distancing may continue for some time so now is the time to adapt.

Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card can help you to do just that. By going digital with your business card, you don’t have to wait to connect with your customers. You can do it right now from your phone or other device.

Digital Business Card can enhance your marketing strategies by helping to brand your product, advertise promotions and to connect with people without having to physically meet. Add all of your contact details in one place, including your website, social media links and location, so that they can be saved to your customer’s device and always be a click away. Contact users through any messaging platform installed on your phone.

Don’t sit this one out while other businesses act. Adapt your business to meet the current climate and it will thrive in the long run. For more information on how Digital Business Card can help your business during the Covid-19 crisis, contact us now.