Digital Business Card

What is a Digital Business Card?

What is the purpose of a traditional paper business card? To store all of your contact details in one convenient location. When you meet a potential client, you hand them your business card in the hopes of converting them into a customer. A Digital Business Card does this too – but better. Imagine all of your contact details in one neat package. Simply send your Digital Business Card by link through any internet-connected device.

Why do I need a Digital Business Card?

Did you know that 88% of paper business cards are thrown away or lost within one week? That’s a waste of your time, your money and the paper it’s printed on. With Digital Business Card, send your details directly to your client’s device where they have the option to save them. This means when your client needs a service, your contact details are at their fingertips giving you an edge over the competition.

What’s more, if you ever decide to change any of your contact details or there is a mistake made you have no choice but to re-print 100’s of paper cards. Update your Digital Business Card anytime. Boost your online presence and share your social media, website and location in an instant – it has never been easier for clients to get in touch with you.

How do I get a Digital Business Card?

You can download your free business card straight away from the Google Playstore, or try it now on the Apple App Store. Find the link on our website or on any Digital Business Card that has been shared with you.

How do I make a Digital Business Card?

It’s easy to create your own Digital Business Card. Once you download the app, simply click on ‘Create a card’ and fill in as many details as you like. Check out our handy video tutorials on Youtube. If you need anymore help, visit our Help section or Contact us.