In the current ongoing situation there are many hazards and risk both clients and business owners take every time they meet each other. Face to face meetings alongside handling physical items from one person to another. These task could put both parties at risk, making physical business cards less attractive tactics during the current epidemic. Digital Business Card For WhatsApp however, do not have this problem. Contact less transfer of Cards allows for sharing contact details through any means of communication. This allows for both parties to stay safe even as they conduct their business.

Design Changes & Misprints!

Once a card is printed it can’t be changed without paying for a reprint, this is an issue if there’s a misprint with the contact details or the design gets improved. The old cards still need to be dealt with and printing costs are notable. This is an issue Digital Cards don’t need to worry about, change every detail, design and aspect of your card designs with no cost. With just a few simple changes you can adjust the entire design of your card to fit your changed details or ideal design without having to deal with the reprinting cost or dealing with the old cards.

Lost or Damaged Cards!

If a physical card is given to a client, no matter how well a meeting goes there’s always a risk the card could be lost, forgotten in a pocket to later be destroyed in a washing machine or just damaged enough to be unreadable. Never risk losing a client in this fashion with Digital e-Business Cards. These cards can’t be damaged, can be sent to clients immediately on to a device that 70% of people have on their person for the majority of the day. These cards cannot be dropped, lost, damaged and most importantly. They stay in easy access of a client at all times, letting them easily contact your company.

Limited Audience & Platforms

Physical cards need to be handed out from one person to another, there’s a limit to how many you physically have, how fast you can hand them out and which people can get them. If you have five hundred cards you can only give them to five hundred people. Digital Business Cards however are not so limited. With this app you can send you cards to any number of people, it takes as much effort to send a card to one person as it does to a thousand. With the ability to share cards on all major media platforms it only widens your audience too. It’s a great way to take advantage of access to the massive numbers of people using the internet’s many communications platforms. Speak with and share details with clients on the other side of the world as easily as one in the same room.

Digital Business Cards can be downloaded and used for free by anyone here:

In need of a greater range of customization options? Want to be able to share your card easily across all platforms? The perfect plan for you is the Premium Plan. Get access to everything you need and more as you fine tune the details of your design before sharing with a press on all media platforms.

For business in need of letting their many employees access the company account and features the Advanced Plan is ideal. Allowing for up to twenty users with full customization options and sharing capabilities.