While for most industries, it is either the manager or the boss who carries the business card. But when we talk about the hospitality industry, giving a business card to all the employees is beneficial. Now, of course, we are talking about Digital Business Cards. In this new era of technology where we have apps to cover every basic need, not being on board with virtual business cards is just not acceptable. The reason we promote each employee to have their digital business cards is that it is them who communicate with the guests daily. They take care of their needs and it is with them that the guests create a personal bond and not the manager or the owner. So, in this blog, we will tell you about some of the reasons why you should give personalized Virtual E-Business Cards to your entire team.

  1. Hotel staff having their personalized business card represents professionalism. The guests not only feel safe in their hands but also know that they are given priority. Since having their business card will make them more trustworthy, the customer would have a sense of relaxation and be sure that the service provided to them is by one of the top employees.
  2. To increase your market value, you need a market presence, to begin with. While many managers feel awkward while requesting the guests to write good online reviews, it is quite an easy task for the employee who has spent every minute to make sure that the guest has whatever they need. So when it comes from them to review and rate their hospitality, the customers will feel more than happy to provide a good review. Since the Digital Business Card is available for both Android as well as iOS, it will be a lot easier to share it with a wide range of customers.
  3. Digital Business Cards will help the employees work extra hard. Receiving one’s Virtual Business Card is quite a big deal and to be honest, everybody wants one. Now if your hotel has a system of providing Digital Business Cards based on the performance of the employees, they will surely spend more time working hard and giving their best. This will even provide a sense of responsibility as well as inclusiveness among your employees.
  4. The hotel employees meet more people in general. They have more potential to promote your hotel among their peers and your potential clients. The more people have your business details the better it is for the business. You can even reward your employees for each booking that they bring to the hotel. This way you can increase your business as well as make your employees feel valued for their contribution.