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Digital Business Cards

Why Business Cards are still necessary for B2B

by Digital Business Cards • November 28, 2021

In this digital age, traditional paper business cards may seem redundant. However, in B2B business, business cards are still very much relevant for making connections and deals. Think of them as a reminder of your encounter. While paper business cards are indeed quick and easy to hand out, they are certainly not environmentally friendly. Not […]

Top Visiting Card Problems that a Digital Business Card Can Solve in Quick Time

by Digital Business Cards • November 2, 2021

Traditional methods to market your product or service is slowly getting outdated. With marketing campaigns happening online these days, most of the prospective clients are also met online. With the world inclining to the digital mode in most aspects, transitioning from a physical visiting card to a digital business card is on the rise. Though […]

Digital Business Card for Enterprise

Why is Digital Business Cards Preferred in Recent times?

by Digital Business Cards • October 21, 2021

Marketing in business is one of the significant tasks that you need to focus on to develop your brand image and thereby the revenue margin. Of course, traditional marketing methods, involve you carrying a visiting card and also a brochure or a catalog about the product or service. You will be handing over the relevant […]