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How to connect and grow your business digitally during the COVID19 crisis

by admin • April 15, 2020

The current situation has affected how we do business on a grand scale. No matter what your business is, it’s likely that it has been touched in some way by Covid-19 and social distancing. You may even be experiencing losses. However, just as your day-to-day operations have been adapted to comply with the various restrictions […]

What is a Digital Business Card?

by admin • April 4, 2020

What is a Digital Business Card? What is the purpose of a traditional paper business card? To store all of your contact details in one convenient location. When you meet a potential client, you hand them your business card in the hopes of converting them into a customer. A Digital Business Card does this too […]

Digital Business Card is here

by admin • November 5, 2019

Paper business cards are fast becoming a thing of the past. Before the days of social media, paper business cards were exchanged to promote your brand, and to connect with clients or other businesses. Paper Business Cards also served the purpose of representing your particular style through colour, font and layout choices. However, today’s climate […]