When only 10% of business cards are surviving in the market, you need to consider different and innovative ways to make your Digital Business Card a part of the rat race. One such feature to add to your Digital Business Card is QR Code. The purpose of adding QR codes to your Digital Business Card is not only to increase your social media following but also to provide the customer with some additional information about your business, which is not mentioned, in the paper. This will give your customer the added advantage of knowing your work personally and engaging them at a more personal level.

It is not necessary to add only links to your social media account; you can add several links to your QR code. Based on the network of people you will be sharing your Digital Business Card, you can add a variety of links to your QR Code. This will instantly increase connectivity and engagement to your business. A few examples of the links that you can add are:

  • Discounts or giveaways: This is the tried and tested method of increasing engagement. You can give some percent of discount or a special giveaway to your QR Code, which will only be available to your clients. This will not only make them feel special but also make them more inclined towards purchasing from you repeatedly. Because let us be honest, nobody dislikes discounts or free goods.
  • Map location: You can add a link to the correct map location of your office. Sometimes the location of a place is so confusing that people tend to avoid visiting altogether. Adding this to your QR Code will reflect a more personal touch. Your customers or potential clients will feel special and taken care of with this simple step.
  • Contact information or special template message: You can add some extra contact information like a link to your social media accounts or email address or phone number. Alternatively, you can add a special message or an email template, which describes the reason why people should do business with you.
  • Occasions: You can add a link to any special event or occasion that will be taking place shortly. You can invite people through this link or you can use it as an RSVP link to those events. This can be used for webinars or conference calls as well.

Now a day every other person is technology-friendly. The chance of meeting someone who is not well equipped with such technology is a rare sighting. Thus including special feature like QR Codes to your Digital Business Card, which can be scanned simply using the camera, is a great initiative.